Mechanical Shifters

Strange worlds inhabited with even stranger creatures

The art of

Letizia Gavioli

Strange worlds inhabited with even stranger creatures. To enter these fantastic worlds one is required to alter one’s state of consciousness, to exit the ‘here and now’ and to travel into a world of wondrous poetic imagination rife with visual metaphor, symbol and image, replete with strange plastic meta-cityscapes and quirky characters.

The viewer must be willing to journey into the inner-scape of these works, willing to allow the unfamiliar and unknown world of their own unconscious memory and imagination to find and make meaning.

In classically trained, Italian born artist Letizia Gavioli’s paintings and drawings we enter a world filled with machine parts and elements that have metamorphosed into frogs, ants, chooks, dancers and portraits as well as basilicas, sky-scrapers and industrial buildings. These seemingly familiar machine parts are transformed through the artists deliberate distortion of scale, displacement, de-construction and re-configuration into landscapes and characters of fantasy, humour, subtle wisdom and wry wit. They are not cold and clinical, rather they exude qualities, emotions, feelings, strengths and weaknesses we as humans can readily identify with.

The artist offers a unique visual feast drawn from the ingredients of the Surrealists, cubists, constructivists and futurists, with a mix of the classical architecture and her own unique ingredients as a garnish on top.

There is a timeless aspect to these paintings populated as they are with mechanical structures and forms alluding to classical and futuristic industrial city scapes set as it were in/on a paradoxically fluid yet solid glass foundation. Timeless, yet deliberately measured and cleansed of all flotsam and jetsam, these works challenge the viewer to question reality as we perceive and assume it to be.

Letizia’s shifters are confident , they stare back at you with a strength and independence of self. A quiet challenge is offered up.

In contemplating the works one slowly becomes aware of the ‘silence.’ The communication between the work and the viewer takes place in the field of energetic silence. Visual art IS a silent language. It’s power to connect and speak through silence directly to feelings and emotion, is not to be confused with the spoken or written word, bound as it is, by the limits of letters, words and sentences. What we have here is the language of the unconscious, of the inner soul/truth of the artist, an artist who through her deft drawing and painting skills offers the viewer a unique visual language of image and symbol transformed through the manipulation of finely machined steel mechanical parts.

The birth of these mechanical art objects, be they figurative interpretations of animals, humans or city buildings and landscapes, has its source in Leticia’s love affair with the motorcycle, that archetypal symbol of power and the freedom of the open road. For Letizia, to mount her motorbike is to become one with it. It is no accident that the phallus is a frequent character in her works. The motorbike parts while being the source for Letizia’s inspiration, are also one senses, friends with whom she is very comfortable and familiar. Her machine is a world within itself, a world where the parts when put together correctly create new life, a life from which Letizia draws energy, identity, understanding and love, a life which she willingly shares with those prepared to spend the time to sit in silent communication with.

The artist’s paintings pay homage to the beauty and perfection of the machine and all its parts and draw connections between it, ourselves, and the conscious and metaphysical worlds we inhabit. The inspiration, imagination, integrity and the technical competence with which she presents her work to the viewer is an offering too rich to pass up lightly.


Ken Raff.


Artist at work at Albury Art Gallery



Members of the public are always intrigued about how artists work. Albury Art Gallery wishes to reveal the artists’ practice and also give the artist an opportunity to interact with an audience.


The waft of paint, the scratching of pencils and the clicking of cameras will overtake the Chamber Gallery with the space being converted to a working studio.


Artists will be working in the Chamber Gallery so members of the public can come in and find out more about how artists work, where they get their inspiration from and why they feel the urge to create.


During summer 2012 the Chamber Gallery will be converted into a working studio with six spaces being made available to artists.


The Artists:


Kristy Swan

Paul Butel

Rodger Saunders

Jeff McCann

Hannah Mitchell

Letizia Gavioli


The civilization of the engines-La CIViltà dei motori

During the last race of the CIV, at Mugello, was presented the picture that I made on behalf of children with autism, rapresented by the non-profit Association, “Habitat for Autism”.
The picture, entitled The Civilization of the engines, will be auctioned soon on e-bay.

I hope the shareholdings are numerous.
I especially thank my family, all who have supported me and teams that have joined this initiative.


Durante l’ultima gara del CIV al Mugello è stato presentato il quadro che ho realizzato a favore dei bambini autistici dell’Associazione Onlus Habitat per l’autismo. L’opera intitolata “La CIViltà dei motori” verrà messa presto all’asta su e-bay. Spero le partecipazioni siano numerose.

Ringrazio in particolare la mia famiglia, tutti quelli che mi hanno sostenuta e i team che hanno aderito a questa iniziativa.

Letizia Gavioli


“One screw for Art” – “Una vite per l’arte”

“One screw for Art”


Charity initiative for children with autism.


“One screw for Art” is a project that was conceived by Letizia Gavioli, in collaboration with the FMI (Italian Motorcycling Federation), with the intent to interact among themselves fans of the motorsport world through figurative art at the end of charity.

This project will follow the six stages through Italy, following the events of the Italian Championship.

From race to race, fans and visitors will be invited to bring, at the stand “One screw for Art”, any mechanical alement ( a screw, bolt, or engine parts) which would be drawn and then used to form a single pictorial work, which will be titled “The civilization of the engines”.

This work will be exhibited during the last race to be held on Oct. 17th, at Mugello.




You will then be auctioned on e-bay and the proceeds will be donated to the Association “Habitat for Autism”.

“The civilization of the engines” will help with your participation in supporting a good cause.

Come along and heart to this initiative on behalf of these children, that their rights and their difficulties can be respected.




“Una vite per l’arte” è un progetto che nasce da un’ idea di Letizia Gavioli in collaborazione con la Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (FMI), con l’intento di far interargire fra di loro gli appasionati dei motori, attraverso l’arte figurativa a fine di scopo benefico.

Questo progetto seguirà le sei tappe che attraverseranno l’Italia,seguendo le gare del Campionato Italiano Velocità (CIV).

Di gara in gara, gli appassionati e i visitatori saranno invitati a portare presso lo stand “Una vite per l’arte” un qualsiasi elemento meccanico (una vite, un bullone, o pezzi di motore), che saranno disegnato e poi utilizzati per comporre un’unica opera pittorica, che si intitolerà “La CIViltà dei motori”.

Quest’opera sarà esposta durante l’ultima gara che si terrà il 17  Ottobre al Mugello.

Successivamente verrà messa all’asta su e-bay ed il ricavato sarà devoluto all’Associazione Habitat per l’autismo.

“La CIViltà dei motori” contribuirà con la vostra partecipazione al sostegno di una giusta causa.

Partecipate numerosi e con il cuore a questa iniziativa a favore di questi bambini, affinchè i loro diritti e le loro difficoltà possano venire rispettati.

Letizia Gavioli



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Video Vallelunga 18Aprile 2010

“Gold Helmets” exhibition, Bologna 2008-Mostra Bologna-Caschi d’Oro 2008

In 2008, during the event namedGold Helmets”, at theTheatre of Celebrations” in Bologna, I honored Troy Bayliss, a three-time Superbike World Champion, with one of my art works, representing his mechanical portrait
Special thanks also go to Motosprint organizer of the event, which also allowed me to have an exhibition inside the theater itself.


In occasione dei Caschi D’Oro 2008 presso il teatro delle Celebrazioni di Bologna, ho omaggiato il campione del mondo Troy Bayliss con una mia opera rappresentante il suo ritratto  in chiave meccanica. Bayliss si è mostrato entusiasta tanto che ho avuto il piacere di ricevere i suoi ringraziamenti anche dietro le quinte.

Ringraziamenti speciali vanno anche a Motosprint organizzatore dell’evento, che inoltre mi ha consentito una mostra all’interno del teatro stesso.